On November 17, 2018 we went to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Our volunteers helped out for three and a half hours and were able to sort hundreds of food items onto shelves at the Food Pantry. "It's very cool, the place looks like a giant grocery store" one of our volunteers shared of his experience.  

On January 26, 2019 our volunteers helped sort and organize for three hours and had a lot of fun doing it. Please go to the "GET INVOLVED" tab to sign up to join us for 3 or more hours of community service. You can make a difference in the fight against food insecurity!

Thank you to everyone who donated food items during the months of Janurary and February 2109! We look forward to donating them to the Los Angeles Food Bank this month. We also want to thank all the volunteers who took the time to come out to our event on March 2nd. We are grateful for your support!

In honor of National Hunger Day 2019 we donated to the following Charities:

  • The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

  • Project Chicken Soup

  • The Volunteer Center's Food 4 Kids Program

Thank you to all of our volunteers, some of whom are pictured here, that came out to help on April 20, 2019. We are grateful for those who have joined us almost every month to lend their support in the fight against food insecurity. You are a great group of committed volunteers that truly make a difference!  

Congratulations to the National Association of Letter Carriers on another successful Stamp Out Hunger Campaign. Thank you everyone who donated food on May 11th. We are very grateful for the South Bay Food Initiative Team that helped transport the food on May 11, 2019 from the Redondo Beach Post office to Shared Bread Food Pantry, ensuring that the food was delivered to those who needed it most in a timely manner!

Thank you to our volunteers who helped cook and pack meals at Project Chicken Soup on June 2, 2019. You did a great job! 

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